Matthew Perry and Keanu Reeves

Matthew Perry regrets taking a dig at Keanu Reeves in his memoir

Home Alone fame Devin Ratray charged for domestic violence

Devin Ratray, Home Alone’s Buzz, Charged with Domestic Violence


Michael Jackson fans share how his death hit them the hardest.

Chris Klemens criticizes Nikita Dragun on Twitter for partying amid pandemic

Nikita Dragun gets called out by Chris Klemens on hosting a birthday party amid pandemic.

Justin Biber

Justin Bieber thinks back to his arrest: “Don’t allow shame to ruin your today”

Larry King dies at 87.

Larry King, the talk show mogul, dies at 87.

Molly Burke talks about cancel culture in a YouTube video sitting on couch.

Molly Burke speaks on the shortcomings of cancel culture.

Baby CEO, rapper.

Baby CEO, rapper, is dead at 20.

Dove Cameron recommends a book in her Instagram Stories for people with trauma.

Dove Cameron shares a book recommendation for people with trauma.

Twitter mistakes Frank Ocean for Usher on his 33rd birthday.

Frank Ocean turns 33. Twitter algorithm mistakes his face for Usher’s.

Landon Mcbroom and Shyla Walker talks about racism, protests against it and the donations they are making to support the cause.

Landon and Shyla donate $30,000 to support the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Logan Paul spoke strong words againt racism.

Logan Paul’s feisty message against racism. Fans throw kudos.