Nikita Dragun gets called out by Chris Klemens on hosting a birthday party amid pandemic.

Nikita Dragun threw a birthday bash on the 31st of January. A video was uploaded on YouTube by Thomas Petrou, co-founder of The Hype House, wherein he can be seen arriving at a large social gathering which happened to be Nikita’s birthday party.

The treat level of Covid spread in Los Angeles is currently red, and indoor gatherings are prohibited with the only exception of the ones where no more than 15 guests, including the host, from three different households, at most, are present.

Considering the circumstances, the gathering was rather large. Moreover, nobody seemed to wear a face mask. Among the guests were Ariel Tejada, Luis Capecchi, and Patrick Starrr.

Fans expressed their disappointment on Twitter as the clip from her party was shared on the Platform.

YouTuber and comedian, Chris Klemens aggressively lashed out at her writing, “Are you trying to garner pity to soften your blatant negligence for not only having a large group dinner 11 months into a pandemic but also not wearing a mask to it?? You’re lame and shi**y.”

By “pity,” Chris was referring to when Nikita tweeted expressing how no one would show up at her birthday parties when she was a kid while sending thanks for the wishes.

One user shared Nikita’s old Instagram post in which she appreciated health workers and urged fans to stay at home.

Nikita Dragon urging fans to stay at home while she parties without mask violating Covid guidelines.
Credit: Nikita Dragun/Instagram

It got people wondering, was it genuinely for the cause or just for the sake of it?

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