Michael Jackson fans share how his death hit them the hardest.

    Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died more than eleven years ago. The news of his death collapsed the internet, crashed websites. The whole world was in shock. Sometimes—even today, it feels unreal.

    The memories of his presence woven into our hearts are the most significant part of the legacy he left that will live on forever. Eleven years later, his fans share on Twitter how the death of Jackson affected them the most.

    The tributes were prompted by a Twitter post that asked readers about the death of a famous person with whom they had no relationship that hurt them the most. It read, “What death of a famous person hit you the hardest? Specifically, someone you had no real relationship or even adjacency to, but who’s passing wrecked you in a real way?”

    A tweet asking fans regarding death of the celebrity that hurt them the most.
    Credit: LaytonEWilliams/ Twitter

    Unexpectedly, It sparked off oceans of responses.

    One user responded: “Michael Jackson! It was his heart and his compassion. His love. His kindness. His humanitarianism. His strength. He really taught me a lot, as a human being, by being an example. He could bring anybody together. That was so beautiful, about him. He’s my biggest inspiration.”

    Fan's tribute to Michael Jackson.
    Credit: MennaAlexandria/Twitter

    Another user writes crediting the bond with his mother to Michael Jackson: “My mom and I bonded a lot over Michael Jackson, so when he passed a year after my mother died, I was a wreck— still am.”

    Fan's tribute to Michael Jackson
    Credit: Micha_Not_Micha/Twitter
    Fan's tribute to Michael Jackson
    Credit: MichaelTG91/ Twitter
    Fan's tribute to Michael Jackson
    Credit: nareen_kaur/ Twitter
    Fan's tribute to Michael Jackson
    Credit: Ladygogetter/ Twitter
    Fan's tribute to Michael Jackson
    Credit: misslynii/ Twitter

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