Dove Cameron shares a book recommendation for people with trauma.

    Dove Cameron is among the celebrities who openly talk about the struggles of being a part of celebrity culture and the effects it has on mental health.

    In her Instagram stories, she shared a recommendation for a book from her reading list—Body Keeps the Score. The book, authored by Bessel van der Kolk, aims at promoting a deep and better understanding of mental health and healing from trauma. “New book recommendation for people with trauma or people who love traumatized people,” she writes in her Instagram story.

    Dove Cameron shares a book recommendation in her Instagram stories.

    Dove further goes about mentioning the solace she found in the learning of the possibilities and options there are for people dealing with mental illness as she writes, “I can’t overstate how much Body Keeps the Score is changing my outlook on life and how I care for myself. I’ve never felt so overwhelmed with relief to know how many answers and options there are for someone like me when I have felt like there weren’t any for so long.”

    Dove Cameron shares a book recommendation in her Instagram stories.

    She always comes across as engaging, straightforward, and authentic while talking about her struggles with depression and anxiety. Last year, In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she opened up about the death of her friend, whose father murdered her before committing suicide. Dove Cameron was just eight. Then, she articulated the tragic experience when her father committed suicide when she was fifteen years old.

    Loss of loved ones is grievous, and being a part of an industry where anything less than perfect receives mistreatment, where nothing but trolls are promised, only adds to the pain. She told ET that the pandemic-period has been considerably challenging for her. As we know, prolonged isolation can dramatically taint a person’s turn of mind, especially when it’s already fighting depression, stress, anxiety, and whatnot.

    Despite all this, Dove keeps doing what she loves, and let her music tell stories, convey feelings that, otherwise, she presumably finds intangible.

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