Devin Ratray, Home Alone’s Buzz, Charged with Domestic Violence

Devin Ratray played the role of Kevin McCallister’s elder brother, Buzz McCallister in American Christmas films—Home Alone and Home Alone 2.

Recently, he got into legal trouble after an alleged attempt to strangle his girlfriend. Ratray was charged with battery by strangulation, felony domestic violence, misdemeanor domestic violence, and battery.

Devin Ratray mug shot following arrest.
Devin Ratray mug shot following arrest, photo via TMZ.

Ratray, with his girlfriend, was in Oklahoma for a celebrity guest appearance at an event. According to the probable cause affidavit received by KFOR, Ratray drank a bottle of wine and alcohol at a restaurant before chugging another dozen shots of whisky in a saloon.

At the saloon, his girlfriend gave two women autographed cards. They were asking for Ratray’s autograph. He got mad and started arguing because she had given the cards for free.

His girlfriend left the saloon for the hotel where they were staying. Soon, Ratray followed her into the room, and the argument resumed. It got ugly when he pushed her on the bed and pressed his hand against her neck. The affidavit also says he said this while choking her girlfriend; “This is how you die.”

She also told the cops that Ratray had punched her in the face and appeared to have multiple bruises on her face, chest, and right arm.

The Oklahoma City Police Department issued an arrest warrant against him. According to Fox News, Ratray turned himself in and got released within minutes after posting a $25k bond.

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