Baby CEO, rapper, is dead at 20.

Jonathan Brown, a controversial rapper popularly known as Baby CEO, has passed away at the modest age of 20.

Baby CEO death news tweet.

His elder brother updated the fans of young rapper’s untimely demise on Twitter. Although the cause of his death is kept private, fans speculated that he was shot or murdered, an assumption that his brother later deemed a rumor.

Baby CEO death update tweet.

Brown was primarily known for flashing substance and weaponry in his music videos. The fact that he was just a teenager gained him attention and criticism, which further spurred his popularity.

He was regarded as the godson of American rapper Fredo Santana, who died three years back in January 2018. Fans bestowed blessings to the late rapper and offered condolences to family and friends.

Rip Baby CEO.

Baby CEO condolence tweet.
Baby CEO condolence tweet.
Baby CEO condolence tweet.
Baby CEO condolence tweet.

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